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Food Production
One can grow a variety of specialty crops and everyday foods.

Quick start: Microgreens are particularly successful. They have the added advantages of low capital cost, faster startup, easy cultivation, and rapid crop cycles.

Among mature plants most growers succeed with leafy greens: herbs (mint, basil, oregano); lettuces (bibb, romaine, arugula); collards, brassica (cabbage, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, kale, wheatgrass and many more).

Fodder supplements for animal feeding are also productive and of high value.

And more! At full production one can expect to harvest some plants weekly; of course, the precise results vary with the crop and the scale of operation.

Disposition of the harvest is up to each program. A farmer's market on campus or in town is a good exercise in the business side of the activity. Food banks and other charities are often happy to receive fresh produce.