Eduponics Institute USA
Eduponics Institute USA brings knowledge and training to public schools, colleges and community organizations. As nearly all new population around the world will live in cities, hydroponic gardening has the potential to improve dietary outcomes and to create a "new economic engine" for 90% of the world's people.


Build awareness and acceptance of healthy diets and local production. Help create and develop new economic engines in disadvantaged communities.

Eduponics is a perfect project for your DECA program.

Optionally partner with community organizations and retailers to improve nutrition in communities that are not well served by corporate grocery chains, the so-called urban food desert, where low incomes and inefficient transportation combine to lower the availability of nutritious fresh produce.

  • Plan for distribution channels to local groups.
  • Project sales and personalize marketing.
  • Track crops, schedule harvest.
  • Organize packaging and delivery.
  • Create a directory of sponsors, supporters and donors.
Your local experience will reveal and define other opportunities. We can help you automate these tasks.